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When John Donaghey first opened Direct Mail & Print in the San Diego suburb of Escondido, California household computers weren’t as common as they are today, and social media certainly wasn’t as prevalent. Businesses were actively seeking options for quality printing materials and help with their direct marketing campaigns, and John was there with his locally owned family business providing personalized service to other individuals and businesses like his.
The Internet exploded, and more advertisers began delegating more of their budgets toward email, banner ads, pop-ups, and social media advertising. It was a bump in the road for direct mail marketing, but John persevered. Some were saying that direct mail marketing would go away, but John knew better. He stayed open during those difficult years knowing there would always be value in the tangible printed word, and he was right.
Today, Internet advertising is everywhere, but due to ad blocking software, many people never even see it. Businesses of all sizes are going back to basics, and this means direct mail and print services are back on the rise.
Unlike companies that are trying to get “back in the game,” Direct Mail & Print, Inc. never left. Even when the going got tough, John stayed managing to grow and evolve his business, blending the use of new technology with the classic feel of direct mail.
Whether your business is “old school” or “new school” or a little of both, John at Direct Mail & Print is the type of guy who’s got your back. He knows most of his customers by name, and even brings his son to work sometimes to learn the ropes.
He offers print services including postcards, business cards, door hangers, brochures, and letters. He has access to large business and consumer mailing lists that include both physical and email addresses for both direct mail and email marketing. And he participates in the National Change of Address Validation with the United States Postal Service to assure that mailing lists stay accurate.
There are plenty of big name print shops in the San Diego area, places staffed by hourly wage workers who just want to make it through the day. Running a business is something you do for love and profit. With Direct Mail & Print, you’ll work with someone who feels the same way about his business as you do about yours.
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