Integrated Solutions

Which marketing venue is best to reach your target market – direct mail or email? What if you could do both in a fully integrated marketing campaign? Imagine the effectiveness of a cohesive campaign carefully targeted to your market, reaching them across multiple venues, with one central theme and message.

Direct Mail & Print of San Diego offers personalized, integrated marketing campaigns that combine these two powerful marketing methods into one effective campaign that will better reach your target audience. With multiple points of contact, integrated campaigns allow you to turn cold contacts into warm leads, enhance your branding efforts and embrace technological changes as you strive to better reach your customers with your message.

Abandon Individual Silos for Effective Multi-Channel Marketing

With integrated, multi-channel marketing, you can adapt to the ever-changing needs of your customers and donors. You can tell the same story across marketing platforms, rather than working in individual silos. Our integrated marketing campaigns help you create one connected marketing message, then get it to a larger number of people with greater speed. You will see increased conversion rates as your initial message is reinforced across multiple channels, and sit back and watch as contacts become customers.

You can also use this service to test multiple messages when you launch new products and services to determine which is the most effective. With the automated mail and email campaigns, you are freed to sit back and evaluate which message is achieving the results you need, rather than focusing on the mechanics of sending the messages.

Personalized Integrated Marketing Services

Direct Mail & Print of San Diego’s integrated marketing campaigns start with designing your marketing materials to your personal specifications. We will then print your materials and generate a contact list for both mail and email campaigns. Finally, we will deliver your print and email marketing materials, so you can reach your audience through multiple venues. Our lists conform to the most recent NCOA regulations, so your message will be delivered to the right people.

If you are looking to improve your marketing efforts and embrace the digital age, while still employing effective direct mail solutions, then Direct Mail & Print’s integrated marketing campaigns are the solution. Contact us today to begin planning your marketing campaign.

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