NCOA Updates – Address Validation Services

Get rid of bad addresses and make your mail more deliverable

Over 43 million American residents and businesses change their addresses every year. We provide NCOA Address Validation Services that compare your mailing list with over 160 million records – over the last 48 months. We also offer the service searching 60 million records over the last 18 months. We can ensure that your mailing gets to your intended audience with 99.9% accuracy. With increasing postage, printing and production costs this is a real savings to your bottom line.

The NCOA service has provided mailers millions of dollars in savings and will:

  • Help reduce un-deliverable mail by providing the most current address information.
  • Prevent re-mailings after address correction because the correct address is applied to the current list prior to mailing.
  • Cut your mailing costs by eliminating un-deliverable mail.
  • Qualify your mailings for the best available postal discounts.
  • Confirmed current records.
  • Updated addresses for people/businesses that have moved.
  • Bad Address list – where there is no forwarding address.

Your mail will more accurately hit your targeted audience.

Don’t let others send your lists to third party providers. Direct Mail and Print Inc. performs all processing in house. Your data stays confidential and secure with us.

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