Intelligent EDDM

So long EDDM, never again blindly blanket an area with Every Door Direct Mail pieces. The new intelligent saturation mail is here. Maintain Carrier Route Saturation postal rates while removing households that drag down response rates. This is the best of both worlds. Increase your mailing results by 10% to 15%. Remove households by income, age, gender, marital status and the presence of children (more to come). Let’s say you have a car dealership and don’t want to mail to households that have an income less than $25K, or that are over 75 years of age, we can do that! Your mail pieces have real names and addresses (accountability) instead of the generic “POSTAL CUSTOMER” (think Pennysaver). You could also cut your printing costs in half by sending a ½ page postcard instead of a full page Flat. This is a new and unique product and once you try it you will never go back to EDDM again!

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